Subscription Parcels

A Monthly box full of a variety of magick tools curated to a single intent.
Each parcel will contain spell scrolls and/or ritual instructions along with the tools needed to complete the ritual and/or spell. You may also find additional items such as decor or jewelry and vendor coupons.

Magickal Parcels come in a variety of options including a meditation crystals parcel, a crystals & oils parcel, the solitary parcel and the giver parcel. I even offer a parcel for magickal kids called the little sprite

February's Theme
Soul Revival!!!  Releasing, Letting Go, Banishing & Curse Breaking

March's Theme
Bloom!!! Happiness, Joy & Friendship - opening yourself to receive

Magickal Parcels are magickally inspired spiritual gifts. Parcels will be packed full of magickal items corresponding to a single intent! Each parcel contain a variety of Magickal tools such as magickal herbs, healing crystals, spiritual oils, spell scrolls, altar items, essential oil dilutes and candles plus other items such as Tarot & Oracle decks, Affirmation cards, Metaphysical books and info cards detailing contents for meditation, use and care of products.

Parcels will begin shipping 5-7 days before the full moon of each month to ensure your goodies arrive before any full moon rituals you may have planned.

All parcel subscriptions include a Digital Pack
30% off Etsy Shop/Magickal Folk 1 time shop
Downloadable spells, rituals, affirmations & magickal tips (Posted Weekly)
Giveaways on Social Media #magickalfolk (Posted Weekly)
Email consultation for each parcel (upon request