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A Witches Garden

A Witches Garden


$ 39.00

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This Kit Includes:

1 Zeolite Crystal Cluster

3-4 Moss Agate Tumbled Stones

Fire Elemental Crystal Vial with Tektites & Amber

Earth Elemental Crystal Vial with Black Tourmaline & Peridot

Water Elemental Crystal Vial with Pearls

Air Elemental Crystal Vial with Citrine, Rhodonite & Amazonite

Small Harvesting Basket

Black Eyed Susan Flower Seeds

Grimoire Card & 4 Elemental Crystal Enchantment Cards


A Witches Garden is a living magickal space of symphonious energy. The witch employs the magickal specialty, ancestral lore or symbolic representation of specific living plants with minerals, sounds, textures and elements to create and harness magick. The garden is essentially a “working” garden as everything in the garden is a sacred tool that has been blessed and dedicated. All forms of the garden is seen as its manifestation of spirit. From culinary and medicinal herbs to singing bowls, water elements, bells and chimes to fire pits and smoking cauldrons, a witches garden is a personally curated collection of living magick.

Creating such a garden can be very discreet from a single potted plant to large gardens with hundreds of plants. The trick is layering the garden and starting with what is most important! However you decide to create your garden, you want to be sure you have 5 dedicated spaces within their proper elemental directions (Earth in the North, Water in the West, Air in the East, Fire in the South, Spirit in the Center) It is important to develop the elemental spaces so when you turn to the direction in need, you are embraced with the appropriate energies.   

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