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An initiation ritual to self-sovereignty

An initiation ritual to self-sovereignty


$ 2.00

“The habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it’s time to thrive.”
“To fight a lion, you must first become one. Today we free our inner lioness.”

Detailed instruction included in the kit.  

Elixir of Gold Ritual Oil – Ceremonially heated sunflower oil with 24k gold then strained and poured into individual bottles. Gold flakes within the bottle are variegated gold flakes. Do not take internally.  

Banishing #3 Potion – Black Hawaiian Lava Salt, Agrimony, Rue, Lemon Peel. This blend is specifically intended to banish defeating habits of negative self-talk associated with an imbalanced solar plexus. Herbal potions with a solid water base should be refrigerated at all times. The herbs could spoil and ruin the water if not properly stored. For this reason, I have omitted the water. To complete this potion, add distilled water and charge overnight under the full or waning moon. In the morning, place in the refrigerator and discard within 14 days. Do not take internally.  

Honeybush Herbal Tea – It’s just Honeybush! Add rosehips and calendula for added energy and healing.

Honey Sweetening Ritual Soap – Simple Glycerin soap with honey.

Hand Spun Wool – Energetically clean, made with love, handspun wool/silk thread that dries fast and holds energy well.

Fire Element Sun Catcher – Stained glass sun catchers made in-house especially for you!

Cinnamon & Clove Incense Cones – Fill your aura with good fortune, prosperity, vitality, fire, and passion.

Sage & Cedar Smudge Stick – Purify and heal.

From our Grimoire to yours

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