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As it It. So it Will Be. Tea!

As it It. So it Will Be. Tea!


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Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT
This kit includes 1 oz of this tea blend with a grimoire card that includes instructions & suggested ritual pairings.
A Spell Tea to amplify magickal energies and focus on what you take to be most important.
The entire process of this ritual should be planned and performed mindfully. This is a magickal act to dedicate time and space to willfully open yourself to receive and manifest the fruition of your intentions. Drink this tea on special occasions such as new moons, full moons, Sabbats and specific rituals that include spell casting.
As we know all good things come in threes and Kukicha Tea, also known as ’”three year tea” is made from the stems of the bancha tea plant. It is relatively low in caffeine and extremely alkalizing to your entire system. George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics, and Michio Kushi, one of his disciples, popularized use of kukicha and plays a central role in the macrobiotic diet.
Vervain also known as the enchanters plant, is magickal enhancer herb and used in any spell to enhance the magickal properties of other ingredients. Consuming Vervain in a tea will enhance ones own innate magickal abilities.
Apples are arguably the most magical and symbolism-laden of fruits. They are a symbol of immortality, vitality, wisdom and fertility making them an important attribute to this
magickal blend.
Tart Cranberries provide protective energy and fight off negative influences.
Hibiscus Flower pedals is a magickal attractor herb and is known to facilitate
prophetic dreams and psychic abilities while attracting good spirits and love of all kinds. 
Infuse 1 teaspoon tea in 8 oz water at 180*f for 3 minutes.
Do Not drink casually or absent mindedly and set course a series of actions without intention.

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