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1 ATTUNE magickal spirit oil and 1 rosewood chambered pendulum with rose pedals & white sage plus a grimoire card with instruction for aligning chakras using your pendulum & oil.

Working with a pendulum to heals your chakras is a tool that accesses you subconscious by through a series of questions. Begin the session by cleansing your space and creating a quiet comforting environment. Prepare your pendulum by anointing a small amount of Attune oil on your pendulum. You can fill the chamber of the pendulum with a few drops of oil, some herbs or other crystal chips if you desire as well.

Different pendulums will spin different directions so I recommend testing your pendulum for a positive yes direction and positive no direction before starting. You can do this by asking “is my first name (real name)” and “is my first name (fake name)”. You may choose a different set of questions and personalize this healing session.

Attune Magickal Sprit Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil: Clears negative energy

Sage Essential Oil: Protection, cleansing, purity

Geranium Essential Oil: Harmony, self-love

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Balancing

Sunflower Carrier Oil: Positive energy

Garnet: Cleanses, Regenerates, stimulates Chakras

Red Jasper: Stabilizes & balances Root Chakra

Carnelian: Controls the flow of energy, heals blockages in Chakras

Citrine: Energizes & directs personal power, aids in manifestation

Peridot: Activates & balances heart chakra, opens higher levels of consciousness

Amazonite: Balances throat chakra so we can easily release and express ourselves

Lapiz Lazuli: Activates psychic centers, releases stress, expands consciousness

Amethyst: Healing, calming, treats imbalances, connects us to the source of our spirit

Clear Quartz: Amplifies, clears & aligns  


From our Grimoire to yours

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