Aurora Aura Energy Mist

$ 18.00


4 oz Aura Energy Mist in Glass Bottle

Aurora Aura Mist

The Aurora Aura Mist embodies the energies of the Goddess Aurora. She is described as ever young and the first to awake so she may bring the light of day into the sky. The Aurora Aura mist is an allover body mist good for all skin types. Apply Aurora Aura mist first thing in the morning to energize and harmonize the power centers. Reapply as needed throughout the day.

Witchhazel Extract - Natural Autoinflammatory, antimicrobial, rids excess skin of excess oil sealing in water. Supernatural Protection, inspiration, heart healing, cleansing

Aloe Vera Juice - Natural Hydrating, cooling, repairing, balances PH, nutrient and amino acid-rich, Supernatural Nurturing, beauty, healing, protection

Lemongrass Essential Oil - Natural Antiseptic, astringent (toner), strengthens skin, improves skin circulation. Supernatural Clarifying, raises vibration, cleansing, psychic awareness, enhances sensitivity to pleasure centers

Grapefruit Essential Oil - Natural Stress and anxiety buster, antibacterial, helps reduce cellulite, antioxidant rich. Supernatural Mood elevator, manifesting, joy, mindfulness

Geranium Essential Oil - Natural Wrinkle reducer, anti-aging, improves elasticity, reduces acne, reduces scarring. Supernatural Love, happiness, success, prosperity


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