Baba Yaga, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Baba Yaga, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Baba Yaga, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

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The Baba Yaga box includes the items listed below plus an 18-page digital workbook that includes information on understanding the shadow path of Baba Yaga, Myth & Lore, an initiation ritual, a more advanced ritual, a full month of lunar witchcraft, epithet petitions, hedge craft, divination, devotion, journal & affirmations, plus a bonus energy activation and guided meditation. 

“Exhale” Lip Balm- You must choose your words wisely when communing with Baba Yaga. She sees past the fallacies and pleasantries. Baba Yaga knows the truth, holding you accountable for honoring yours. The lip balm is flavored and scented to foster mental clarity and encourage clarifying breaths during meditations. You can experiment with Lion’s Breath or a more cooling practice such as Hissing Breath, practiced by holding your teeth together, separating your lips to expose your teeth to the air, slowly inhaling through the teeth while focusing on the “hissss” of your breath, and exhaling through the nose with the mouth closed. You are creatrix! Before the words pass your lips, your intentions plant seeds of creation! The Exhale Lip Balm can provide expansive mental illumination and deep emotional understanding during ritual use, enabling you to unearth repressed truths, desires, needs, and blockages, breathing life into your intentions. This healing blend of mint, vanilla, and skin-nourishing emollients helps protect lips while providing decongestant relief and naturally lowering anxiety. While reactions are rare, spot-test before widespread use. Contains: shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, mica, flavoring & fragrance

Russian Caravan Ritual Tea - It has been said, the more challenging something is to make, the more Baba Yaga will like it. But as the Primal Mother, it is likely not the extravagance and intricacy that she desires. Baba Yaga knows our efforts and intentions reveal a lot about our devotion, focus, and integrity. During ritual use, you can share a cup of tea with Baba Yaga, grounding yourself as you exchange energies, or brew the perfect cup and place it on the altar you have devoted to Baba Yaga. Once the offering has been made, you can dispose of the tea in a manner suitable for ritual offerings, like pouring it over the earth and reading the tea leaves, revealing more wisdom from the Great Mother.

Baba Yaga Eggshell Powder & Chicken Feather Curio - Acquired from my very own flock of chickens, you can trust these eggshells and feathers are naturally, compassionately, and ethically sourced. Both eggshells and chicken feathers are widely used in Folk Magick for protection and purification. Strengthening magickal barriers, eggshells are used to cast circles and set boundaries around the home or garden. When creating a perimeter around your home, eggshells nourish the earth and are safe for the environment. Chicken feathers are not only effective for warding and banishing. Like eggshells, they are also associated with purification and cleansing. As part of ritual practice, you may wish to burn herbs and waft the smoke through the air with the feather. Given her associations with birds, particularly chickens, these two are perfect altar curios for a Baba Yaga altar. Her house whirls through the forest on chicken’s feet, while the eggshells represent Baba Yaga’s role as Earth Mother. Contains Ground Egg Shells, Sea Salt, Flour, Garlic Powder

Hag’s Taper Candle - Dipping or wrapping mullein and beeswax is a traditional pagan practice. These hag’s taper candles symbolize inner light, guidance through the darkness, protective fires, and devotional flames. Governed by Saturn, mullein is a powerful energy for fortifying boundaries, fostering spiritual growth and understanding, and devoting yourself to Baba Yaga’s path. To commune with Baba Yaga, select bones and curios that correspond with Baba Yaga and hold meaning for you. Spread your curios at the base of the candle. Light the wick and interpret how the wax drips and splashes on your bones. Use non-flammable items that you don’t mind getting wax on. These candles are highly flammable, fire-safe measures must be taken. Prepare a cleared space with plenty of ventilation, and no objects or furnishings hanging above or beside the candles on a fire-proof surface, such as a baking dish or ban wrapped in tinfoil for the candles before lighting.

Bone Mother Devotional Perfume Oil - Offer devotion to Baba Yaga as a priestess of her medicine and scholar of her magick. The earthy, herbaceous scents of elderflower, sage, lavender and oakmoss will ground you as you commune with Primal Goddess, opening you to her higher wisdom and your inner amazon. Devote yourself as a daughter of the Bone Mother, petitioning her to take you under her wing, place a few drops of the perfume in your hair, third eye, or pulse points as part of an initiation or offering ritual.

Bone Mother Ritual Oil - Ask The Bone Mother for her blessing, guardianship, and guidance through the shadows and into the otherworld. At the border of here and beyond, gather ‘round Baba Yaga’s fire for profound wisdom about life, death, and rebirth. There, you can commune with ancestral spirits, seeking wisdom, truth, and healing of the Mother Line with the Great Mother’s medicine. Define, protect, consecrate, and heighten the vibration of your ritual space by anointing your altar tools such as your mortar and pestle, athame, and candles with Bone Mother Ritual Oil which can also be used in spells for reversals, banishing, and breaking. Avoid use around children and animals. Do not apply to hair or body. Apply only to ritual items such as those listed above. Contains: avocado oil, moss, boneset, mugwort, wormwood, agrimony, birch, mandrake(use with caution even though we only use a tiny bit), fragrance

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