Bone Throwing Starter Kit

Bone Throwing Starter Kit
Bone Throwing Starter Kit
Bone Throwing Starter Kit

Bone Throwing Starter Kit

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This set includes our Ouroboros, Blackberry & White Rose Altar Cloth, Astrology Dice, Cebu Beauty Shell, Green Aventurine, Crescent Moon Crystal.

Alternatively, you can purchase the cloth by itself. 

We had the design for the altar cloth specially made to incorporate a blend of Celtic tradition and bone divination. You can use this cloth seasonally or throughout the year on your ancestor altar.

This divination set embodies fire, water, and Spirit for transmuting and protection against negative energy, expanding the higher chakras, and heightening receptivity to the wisdom of the ancestors.

The kit features masculine and feminine energies, supporting work with both gods and goddesses of growth, fertility, magick, and the night, when divinatory guidance is most readily received. You will find tools to reveal the truths that lay beyond the veil through shamanic journeys, spiritual quests, shadow and dreamwork, and the ancient ritual of throwing bones. This starter bone divination kit purifies and consecrates the sacred space it opens for you and the ancestors to come together in. May you venerate them and receive their hallowed knowledge with an open heart and spirit.

The “bones” in this starter kit feature astrology dice. Shamans were the first to use astragali leading to the use of dice in divination and determining the fate of daily issues like the distribution of wild game. The kit also includes a feather charm, symbolic of omens and messages from winged familiars, a Cebu beauty shell, symbolic of inner beauty, vision, protection, and healing, a tumbled green aventurine, a symbol of material and spiritual growth, and a crescent moon crystal, symbolizing wisdom, life cycles, and goddess energy.

How to Consecrate & Store Bones & Cloth

The tradition of throwing bones is dependent on the relationship you share with the “bones,” altar cloth, and the ancestors that imbue the ritual with meaning. First, consecrate your bones and ogham cloth with an herbal smoke. We recommend the blessed thistle or blackberry honeysuckle blend we gave you. Next, offer each bone and the blackberry, white rose altar cloth to your ancestors as a tool for them to use for communication. Be sure to store your bones and throwing cloth on your ancestor altar, cleansing the set habitually with smoke or by the light of the moon.

Other Items to Include in A Set of Bones

Throwing bones is an ancient divination ritual. They don’t have to be bones; they can be shells, crystals, dice, talismans and more. Some people omit bones altogether. Each set of bones are as unique as the thrower, who can add gifted or found items or remove them as they see fit. There are different principles to base your set on. What is most important is your rapport with your meaningful pieces. Added significance will come from how your bones land on your cloth and in relation to each other.

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