Brigid's Blessing

$ 7.00

Tumbled Milk Quartz ~ White Satin Spell Ribbon
Goddess Blessing Salts with dandelion root powder & cut leaf,
blessed thistle herb, sea salt.

Lady of the Well, the Forge, and the Green Earth
I seek you.
Warm my heart with your perpetual flame,
Heal my wounds with your gentle waters,
Cradle me in your mantle when I can walk no more,
Brigid, I seek you.

Goddess Blessing
Dandelion for you to seek and maintain your freedom.
Blessed Thistle to protect and bless you.
Salt to cleanse and purify you.
Milk Quartz to relieve emotional woes, align the chakras and
 open you to the divine.
White satin ribbon to keep a promise
Take a tablespoon of Goddess Blessing salt and steep in a small bowl of red wine. Recite your prayers to the Goddess and anoint your lips, pulse points, throat and crown chakra. Take a quiet walk along the edge of a body of water. Loosely tie the ribbon on a bare branch to petition the Goddess Brigid for restoration and renewal.

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