Chariot Ritual Tea

Chariot Ritual Tea

Chariot Ritual Tea

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The spirit of the Chariot embodies the inner embers of integrity, purpose, and will that fuel the flames of dedication, empowerment, and success! The Chariot’s rider embraces their inner divinity and perpetually reaches towards their higher purpose. Sip to strengthen your determination or scatter in a ritual bath that not only nourishes your skin but nurtures your spirit.

Cherry blossom enables you to make the most of every moment, living life to the fullest. Helping you step into your sovereignty and divine authority. As a diuretic, cherry blossom facilitates detoxification and eases complaints associated with premenstrual syndrome and rheumatic disease.

Sencha green tea is an ancient elixir of health and longevity. Found to improve physical performances and brain function and reduce cancer risk, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. Just as it revitalizes the body, sencha revitalizes the spirit. Governed by fire, it amplifies magickal energy, supercharging your ritual practice and personal power.

Embody the warrior charging forward on the Chariot! Helichrysum bolsters courage, endurance, and persistence, as it opens the heart and mind plotting the course of your will. Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, life everlasting soothes digestion and rheumatic pain and has sedative effects. Perfect for calming the mind for dream work and meditative journeys.

An ancient herb of physical and spiritual vivacity, ginkgo is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. An herb of vigour and vitality, ginkgo fires up the sacral and root chakras, empowering, motivating, and inspiring! Ginkgo improves cardiovascular, circulatory, mental health, and cognitive functioning.

As with any herbal supplements, be cautious to avoid allergic reactions or pharmaceutical interactions before ingestion or application.

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