Crescent Moons Tea

$ 5.00


1 ounce herbal tea with grimoire instructions. 

Just as the Sun gives us our spirit & energy, the Moon gives us our soul & emotions. Through the moons energy we journey to align our emotions to make one with ourselves and the universe.The Moon has a soft feminine energy. Her vital Prana nourishes our soul and strengthens our connection to our higher self. Her Divine
energy has consciousness of its own and flushes out harmful thoughts, emotions and energies from our aura and the chakras. This effect gives us greater peace of mind and happiness.  When we align with the moons phase, we are consciously harnessing the power of the moon to create harmony in our lives.
Time is liminal between the waning crescent and waxing crescent phase. During this transition of ending and beginning, the moon restores and renews our energy and we prepare for the next chapter of adventure.
Crescent Moons tea is a combination of Jasmine infused green tea, violet herb, linden leaf, California poppy herb, and marshmallow. Together, they work as energetic allies to soften the aura and strengthen our intuition. Make crescent moons tea a monthly ritual of bringing loose ends to a close, releasing energy, restoring spirit and seeding new intentions.

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