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The crystal alchemy kit honors the all-encompassing lifestyle of the witch. It holds the intention of the energies that surround us and dwell within us. The alchemy of energy created between yourself and these tools create a buzz of vibrations to see you through the day.

Starting in September 2018 the kit will contain a 1 oz ritual oil with corresponding minerals and grimoire card. We only use high-grade natural ingredients. We never include synthetic fragrances in our oils. Instead, our oils contain moon charged tinctures, ritually crafted herbal oils, therapeutic grade essential oils (safe and low dose), dried botanicals, wild-harvested flowers, shrubs, roots, barks, leaves, edible and non-edible herbs and sometimes may even contain nontoxic crystals within the oil.  

The crystal alchemy kits ship worldwide between the 15th - 20th of each month in a small box. Delivery fees are included in the subscription however, you may be charged VAT depending on regulations.

For details on past boxes, please click on the Grimoire Page and expand the Fall Series tab


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