Eagle Spirit Ritual Tea

$ 5.00



1 oz loose leaf tea in a resealable pouch with grimoire card  


Passionfruit Black Tea, Vervain, Calendula, Lemon Balm
Consult your physician before beginning any herbal program

For strength and courage to seek freedom through transformation and rebirth.
Begin in a comfortable environment where you feel safe and yourself. The beginning of your ritual starts with the space in which you will prepare and drink the tea. Create a meaningful space that is comfortable with a peaceful ambiance that is appropriate for your intent. Get in a ritual state of mind with appropriate scents, clothing, lighting and sounds. Remember, you want this to be a habitual ritual, so keep in mind your existing daily routine and set realistic expectations as far as the ambiance. 

Choose your corresponding enhancements such as crystals infusions, herbals, charms, and oils. These are the items you place directly on your plate or altar space.

Choose the activities you plan to do while you drink your tea. For example, some may choose to quietly meditate or play singing bowls while others prefer arts & crafts, light stretching or yoga, breathing exercises, tarot, pendulums. Its really up to you so long as you can stay focused on your intent while doing so.
Suggested Ritual Pairings

Wilderness Hiking
Grounding while opening yourself to new ideas and perspectives
Messages and Omens from the Goddess Isis and/or other animal guides
Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Jupiter or Sun Cosmic Energies
Elements of Air & Fire
Ioho Ogham
The Griffin
Candles of Gold, White, Yellow & Orange

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