Fairy Cap Natural Perfume & Crystal Duo

Fairy Cap Natural Perfume & Crystal Duo

Fairy Cap Natural Perfume & Crystal Duo

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Fairy Cap Natural Perfume Roller with two Epidote in Prehnite crystals and ritual workbook.


About the Crystal Alchemy Kit

The sweet, floral, citrus-scented perfume oil can heighten psychic abilities, foster love and companionship, and be used as an offering, enriching your relationship with Fae whether you are newly introduced or have a long-standing relationship. Epidote in Prehnite opens your heart to your new allies and emotional healing. The Crystal Kit enables your spirit to blossom anew, allowing you to find magickal adventure, allyship, and spiritual awakening just in time for the rebirth of spring.

Blue Tansy welcomes spring. It’s a sweetly scented Fae offering. Orange, governed by the sun, heightens receptivity to messages from the Good Folk.  Lavender, an herb of cleansing and attraction, can both welcome faeries and break their enchantments. Charged with foxglove, a favorite of the Fae, amplifying amity and intuition.

Activating the heart chakra, Epidote in Prehnite enriches the journey of spiritual growth and emotional healing. A stone of spiritual awakening, it is high vibrational, amplifying the energy around it. Governed by Earth, Epidote in Prehnite connects you to the oneness and peace of nature and the magickal folk inhabiting it.

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