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Folklore Box - Litha

Folklore Box - Litha

Folklore Box - Litha

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During Beltane, the Goddess frolicked and feasted, growing pregnant with the light. During Litha, her creation is born! Through much preparation and labor, the Sun bursts forth at the height of its brilliance and might!

Midsummer is a time of light, love, and creativity! While the Sun is high and bright, the shadows are ever-near, also making it a liminal time of reflection. It is as fertile as it is abundant, drawing from the wholesomeness of the Sun and purity of water.

Lovingly curated with the purest essences, the Litha Folklore box puts the season’s luminosity, creativity, and prosperity and its liminality and solemnity in your hands.

We have gathered powerful, vibrant allies together like wildflowers to cleanse, charge, and protect your home, altar, and body while purifying, healing, and cultivating the seedlings of your inner and outer intentions. To flourish under the Summer Sun, ripening by harvest.

Folklore boxes ship roughly 2 weeks before the Sabbat.

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You can find a detailed list of contents for each sabbat box on the collection page here.

We may be able to make substitutions for allergies if you contact us before we begin ordering/making the products and we have approved a substitution.

Sabbat Boxes are first available as a pre-order only. Once our maximum fulfillment number has been reached we will mark the box as sold-out.

We will then notifiy you by email 30 days before to the scheduled ship date so you can remit payment in full.

Refunds are not available on deposits.

The full amount of the box (minus the deposit) + shipping must be paid within 5 days of the remit payment notification otherwise the desposit will be forfeited.


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From our customers


Mogickal Folk Nail Divine Feminine. I love receiving my monthly box from Magickal Folk. The description of Baba Yaga was so vivid, I want to try to draw a picture of her. And I am not an artst. But I will try. I love the items that were enclosed in the box, so that when the time is right, I can perform a ritual to Baba Yaga and ask for her divine help. Thank you Magickal Folk.

Ann P.

I found this company from a YouTube channel and I am so happy I did. I love every box I get. The love and energy that goes into every box is phenomenal. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of every item in every box. So happy to be a customer

Marissa M.

This is really an awesome box!I loved all the items included for ritual use. And most importantly knowledge and insight to daughter of Demeter and also her role as Queen of the Underworld. Overall loved it!

Alicia K.