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Garden Seance, A Hedge Witch Box

Garden Seance, A Hedge Witch Box

Garden Seance, A Hedge Witch Box

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First Box ships 5/15/2022

The Frog Spirit is the embodiment of transformation, rebirth, and renewal. From Tadpole to Frog, what better Animal Spirit is there to elucidate the introduction to the Garden Séance Themed Boxes? We have curated the teas, flying balm, rituals, and daily activations you need to unlock the magick of hedge riding and shamanic work and the medicine of the Frog Spirit.

The journey will begin with a New Moon ritual to cleanse residual energy from the last Lunar cycle, activate the Frog Spirit, and set new intentions for fresh beginnings, emotional release, abundance, and communication. Next, we will plunge deeper into the medicine and magick of the Frog during the Garden Séance ceremony, communing beyond the veil with the Frog. Solitary or as part of the group ritual, the energy of the Chorus (a group of frogs) will uplift the vibration, enriching the transcendent process of self-discovery through self-departure.

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Garden Seance Solitary Path Subscription - 1 Seance Tea, a Tea Accessory, 2 Intention Teas, All Digital Grimoires and limited access in the private community.

Garden Seance Community Path Subscription- Everything in the Solitary Journey plus a few extra goodies in your box and full access membership in private community with live meetings.

We cannot make substitutions for allergies on a subscription basis but may be able to make some accommodations once we make the box available post-reveal. Please inquire for more information before ordering. 

This subscription is not available as a 1-time order but you can cancel/pause anytime.

Automatic billing is set to renew on the 1st of each month. This date can be changed to suit your needs. Please refer to the the shipping & ordering schedule to ensure you pick a good date for your location.

Shipping Fees are not included.

Absolutely! We have a mailing list for those who wish to participate in the rituals and recieve the information but either dont have the room for more altar tools or for one reason or another have issues with herbal products. We currently charge $12 for the digital link to be emailed. Please email us to get that set up!

Please see shipping/billing schedule for exact dates.

The private group will launch on 5/16/2022 for those who subscribed to the first box! A special invite will be email from Please add this name to your address book so we do not get spammed!

Your membership to the online community will remain active so long as you have a community subscription.

New subscribers will recieve invites on the 16th of each month via email.

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