Inner Light

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1 Raw Black Aegirine with Floral Smudge
Aegirine blades active the positive flow of energy that should naturally be flowing through your being. They work by clearing the aura and drawing a wide range of light frequencies into your energy system. Aegirine grounds these energies and focuses them in the Solar plexus energy centers stimulating confidence to break attachments and release harmful energy so one can manifest their desires. Aegirine boosts the courage needed to find and shine one's inner light, even in the darkest and negative of places. Aegirine spirit message is to “see the light".
Begin working with your Aegirine blade by rubbing a small amount of healing or anointing oil to your Aegirine crystal and apply the crystal directly to the skin above your liver. Let rest at least 1 hour to assist in releasing harmful energy & toxic substances.
Incorporating Aegirine into your craft
Tarot: All Wands Astrology: Taurus Chakra: Root

Emotional: Encourages you to follow your truth & higher spirit, self-acceptance

Spiritual: Healing, integrity, enlightened action

Magickal: Use as a wand in ritual or when directing energy. Employ in cleansing purification & protection rituals.

Meditation: For personal & environmental healing, safe shamanic &
astral travels

Moon: Aegirine is a wonderful crystal for every moon phase in every house.

Simply carrying the stone acts as an antenna for healing light energy.

Element: Earth, Fire

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