Knock on Wood, a Forest Nymph offering

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Kit Contents

(1) 10 ml bottle of Forest Nymph Magickal Spirit Oil

5-6 tumbled garnets in a sachet

1 grimoire card for your book of shadows



We have all heard of the phrase “knock on wood” when you need a little luck or to ward off evil spirits but did you ever wonder who was bringing that luck or warding off those evil spirits?! They’re called Forest Nymphs, or wood nymphs. Better known in Greek Mythology as Dryades. They are beautiful, young supernatural minor goddesses who inhabited the forests, woods, groves, and trees of ancient Greece. Their fate was tied to the tree.

As in, if the tree flourished, so did she, but when the tree died she would too. They are mortal, just like you and I. Dryads have powers that bring a sense of magick to the places their trees inhabit. By their grace, they offer a sense of awe, internal peace and connectedness when we are among them. But be warned, their kind and loving way is not something to be taken advantage of as they can also be fiercely protective of their beloved.

We curated this kit as a way for you to give in gratitude for the peace and protection they offer us. Garnet is a powerful energizing and regenerative stone. It balances, strengthens and protects. Garnet helps to regain the spirit, calming sadness and emotional pain. It helps those who have gone through great despair get back on their feet and flourish again.

You will certainly know when a forest nymph is in despair by the lack of mystical awe you sense in her presence. In this time when the trees are barren, and life is dormant, we offer the nymphs a small garnet stone to revitalize their energy and inspire love and harmony. Take this time to prune her dead or dying branches, clear away trash or debris littering her area, fertilize her soils or even hang bird feeders and colored strings from her branches.

Forest Nymphs are shy and will slip back into their tree if suspecting danger. The essential oils in this blend raise your frequency to align with nature in a sweet and gentle way. We combined frankincense, cedarwood, fennel, clementine, and copaiba as a sweet aroma sure to attract the nymphs from their trees.

Respecting and honoring the nymphs of the forests is sacred and should live on for the gifts they offer freely. I hope this kit brings awareness as well as a tradition from our family to yours.


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