Light Shield Ritual Tea

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Kit Contents: 

1 oz loose leaf tea

We paired lemons with roses as a psychic detox tea to cleanse, purify and fill etheric energies within and all around you with positive, loving vibrations. You will not need to focus on visualizing and dispelling what ails you as you would in a ritual bath. Instead, focus on the roses rising from within while the lemons purify and light the way. 

This detox tea works by empowering one’s aura to rise up to light and healing. If you wish to simply release your woes and return to center you may drink as is. But, depending on your personal desires, you may also change the direction, and results, of this ritual by making additions to the herbal blend. 


Herbal Blend: Gunpowder Green Tea, Rose Pedals, Lemon Peel

Steep 6 minutes at 180 with a covered top or brew as a sun tea.



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