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Magickal Folk

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Magickal Folk

Everything is listed as a box and separately! If it not listed then it is currently unavailable. All orders come with the Fall summoning meditation, a single-serve pouch of Aurora's Autumn Tea & An organic honey candy. The witches trunk is pictured but sold out;( Tea Ritual | Aurora's Autumn...
$ 3.00
$ 3.00

Everything is listed as a box and separately! If it not listed then it is currently unavailable.

All orders come with the Fall summoning meditation, a single-serve pouch of Aurora's Autumn Tea & An organic honey candy.

The witches trunk is pictured but sold out;(

Tea Ritual | Aurora's Autumn

Post-purchase includes a 1-ounce loose leaf tea in a compostable plant-based plastic pouch and reusable label.

Auroras Autumn Tea is a blend of black tea, blackberry leaf and blackberry fruit flavoring. Steep 1-2 teaspoons in 6 ounces of 180* spring water for 6-8 minutes covered.

Monthly Meditation | The Hermit

Post-purchase includes The Hermit Powdered Incense & Silver Leaf Jasper tumbled stone inscribed with a non-permanent Ken Rune.

Take Thyself from Thyself with Silver Leaf Jasper and a powdered incense inspired by The Hermit. The two tools combined enhance the Autumn Meditation by raising and focusing your energy on manifesting an inner journey that releases you from current realities so you may illuminate a path of growth and spiritual mastery.  Silver Leaf Jasper is a highly protective stone for journeying. Silver leaf jasper also encourages joy, willpower, and discipline throughout your entire being. The Hermit Incense powder is a blend of eyebright, acacia & frankincense powder. Burn over a charcoal disk or dress a candle.

Crystal Alchemy | Glory

Post-purchase includes 1 ounce Glory Water with a red wine jasper tumbled stone.

Manifest with Glory Water & Red Wine Jasper. The crystal alchemy set takes the Autumn meditation to the next level as a manifesting tool. Glory Water is an old-style hoodoo water that works similarly to Peace Water but with additional activating energies for Victory and Glory. It contains 100% Orange Blossom Hydrosol with Frankincense essential oil. Shake well before use. Use to anoint stones and crystals for grids, sachets and energy centers on the focused on the intention. Alternatively, you can also dilute by half with spring water and use as a threshold blessing for a business, anoint your workspace or the kids backpacks, sports equipment and study spaces. The water should be applied with a blessing. Wine Red Jasper is a wonderful dual crystal for clearing unwanted debris that may interfere with your intentions as well as grounding you to the energies you are trying to manifest. Keep this crystal near all magickal workings until you have manifested your intentions. At that time, you can clear the stone by holding it under running water and resetting its purpose or tucking away for later.

Summer Series Reflection Ritual | Alyssum

Post-purchase includes a self-care kit of Alyssum crystal infused floral essence, Ashwagandha & Schizandra Berry tincture, Sacred Space magickal home wash, handcrafted Passion Flower soap bar, Golden Chai tea, Prosperity herbal body soak, Copal resin incense stick, and a crystal spirit offering.

Rooted in the essence of love, the reflection ritual asks you to reconcile and release wounds and limiting beliefs so that you can embody your divine nature. Through this journey, you will live your potential, and dream the world awake. Your desire to understand and deepen into who you are and what your role is as a witch becomes realized as you stand as a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds. Your guides, allies & teachers hold infinite wisdom. The relationship you cultivate with them facilitates profound healing for yourself and others. This wisdom can only be shared by you. I firmly believe that by us living as a sacred flame of love, we help everyone around us do the same.

This is the magic I pray for you. All the slow loved herbal magick in this monthly reflection ritual is intended to be intuitive, graceful, opening and healing. Allow the wisdom of Spirit guide you in love and beauty as you weave your lineage in threads of light. To further support your sacred purpose, I invite you to join us in our private facebook group as we channel our stream of consciousness with the Grimoire Memoire writing prompts and find strength in community. 

Alyssum Flower Essence

Comfort ~ Spiritual Peace ~ Emotional Balance ~ Grounding

The Mother essence was tinctured with brandy to hold the vibration then bottled with distilled water and brandy in a 1:10 ratio (10% alcohol). Use to anoint self, home and tools. Add 10-15 drops to ritual baths or 2-4 drops under the tongue before meditation or ritual. Use within 1 year.

Passionflower Soap Bar

Friendships ~ Peaceful Dreams ~ Love Magick ~ Calming

Passionflower helps to relieve anxiety as it calms frayed nerves, while organic oat flour soothes and softens your skin. The passion fruit seed oil in this bar (also known as maracuja oil) provides potent antioxidants as well as powerful nourishing and conditioning properties. Ingredients: Saponified certified organic vegetable oils (extra virgin olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, castor, passion fruit seed), distilled water, essential oils (ylang ylang, sweet orange, patchouli, rose geranium, clove), certified gluten free oat flour, cosmetic grade pigments, sea salt, passionflower.

Ashwagandha Tincture

Women’s Wisdom ~ Compassion ~ Strength of Character ~ Energy Rising ~ Anxiety Relief

Organic Ashwagandha root, Shatvari root, Schisandra berry, spring water, brandy spirits. Use to anoint and bless self, home and tools. Add 10-15 drops to ritual baths. Drop 2-4 drops under the tongue before meditation or ritual. Consult a physician before use for interactions with medications. Do not use if pregnant.

Sacred Space Home & Hearth Wash

Grounding Energy ~ Transforming Karma ~ Happy Home ~ Domestic Bliss ~ Healing Grief

Essential oils of Rose & Camphor, Tincture of Primrose, Petunia & Palo Santo, spring water & brandy spirits. There is also a piece of black tourmaline in the bottle, shake carefully! Applying a magickal wash is a traditional and discreet way to cast a spell. To use the wash for the whole home start with a clean floor then apply at the back of the room and ending at the door. Give the threshold or doorway an extra scrubbing and while wet sprinkle it with salt to prevent baneful energies from entering. To use as an altar or anointing wash, start with a clean kitchen counter, table, tools or altar, apply the wash with a clean natural fabric. Shake well before use. Use within 6 months.

Copal Incense Sticks

Love Magick ~ Venus Energy ~ Purification ~ Consecration ~ Blessings

Rolled with copal oil and resin.

Golden Chai Moon Tea

A passion igniting spiced tea to sip under the light of the moon. Drawn Down. Reflect. Journal. Clear. Invoke. Contains Ceylon broken orange pekoe tea, turmeric root, decorticated cardamom, cloves, nutmeg powder, licorice root, black peppercorn, ginger root.

Prosperity Body Soak

Chamomile, Hibiscus, dried Orange peel with Dead Sea minerals and sea salt. Use the prosperity soak on a New Moon as a blessing of prosperity in all that you do.

Spirit Offering

We take, we take, we take…and we justify it because we worked to pay for it. But that’s not how this planet sees it. If you dig around the box, you will find a raw crystal. Give it back to the spirit of the earth that sustains us. Offer reverence for the healing energy she provides. You have had your turn, now give it back. To do this, simply bury it deep within the soil. Around a tree is preferred by the fairies but you can do it anywhere. If you have other crystals you are not using, give them back too!

The Witches Trunk (sold out)

Angelite Crystal Egg or Sphere

Heightened Awareness ~ Calmly Guides Spirit ~ Angelic Connection ~ Trust ~ Forgiveness

Blessing Herbal Stick for bestowing blessings on yourself, home and sacred spaces

Crystal Grid Mat for manifesting cosmic connection




Do not use other than suggested. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

 **We used an indirect crystal elixir method to charge and bless this product. If you are pregnant or nursing, you must take extra precaution before taking any herbs. Everyone should consult an herbalist and medical doctor before starting a new herbal regimen to insure there are no interactions with medications and the herbs are safe to use.


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