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Shadow Path of Divine Feminine Monthly Subscription

Shadow Path of Divine Feminine Monthly Subscription

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Our subscription books have reopened in preparation for the dark half of the year!
September - The Morrigan
October - The Fates
November - Freya
December - The Pleaides
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In this box you will receive:

1 workbook with an introduction to the Priestess Medicine of the Goddess, 2 rituals, myth & lore, journal prompts, affirmations, energy attunement plus a full lunar cycle of rituals for witchcraft, hedge riding, divination, acts of service, and petitioning prayers. 

1 7-ounce hand-poured soy ritual candle, dressed & charged

2-3 accompanying items are required to complete the petitioning ritual. These could be ritual oils, crystals, teas, herbs, incense, herbal tinctures, flower essences, soaps, or other ritual wellness & skincare items. 

All products are made to order, in-house. 

You can order as a subscription or pre-order as 1-time purchase.

The Morrigan, Shipping 9/25

The Morrigan was a singular Goddess and a triad of sisters. As the Mistress of Fate, she simultaneously faces the past, present, and future. The Morrigan teaches that no one is exempt from settling their karmic debt and that her grace and favor always have a price.

The Fates, Shipping 10/25

Together the Three Fates sit at their loom, Clotho forms the existential thread, Lachesis allots the length, and it is the unwavering Atropos who must snip it at its end. Join us and learn how to weave your free will with the Fates’ thread, knitting a beautiful tapestry.

Freya, Shipping 11/25

Battle hardy and beautiful, Freya just as swiftly captured men’s hearts as she took their life. Mother of Seidr, the magick of both knowing and forming the future, Freya personifies Divine Feminine intuition, fertility, and creation. Join us, reconnecting with your Creatrix power while learning every sword cuts both ways.

Pleiades’, The Seven Sisters, Shipping 12/15

The lore of the seven sisters is intricately and colorfully woven. Journey along The Pleaides’ Shadow Path, exploring the vulnerabilities of virtue, the risk of following the heart, and the grief of loss, while also learning to rise above life’s challenges, embrace the freedom of letting go, and celebrate spiritual growth and transformation.



Boxes ship @25th-28th of each month. A tracking email will be provided when the label is made.

Shipping fees are not included in the $33 price.

Due to the weight and reliability of the USPS, the boxes must ship priority mail and are fully insured. You will be charged a shipping fee at checkout. 

Please do not order other items grouped with your first order as you will be quested an incorrect shipping price.

Due to the nature of the items, there are no refunds. 

Subscriptions can be cancelled by logging into your account and clicking on the manage subscription button.

You may send an email requesting that we cancel your recurring billing agreement but those requests must be sent no later that 5 days before your renewal date.

Accounts automatically renew on the 1st, but the date can be updated to a different date at any time. Simply login to the customer portal and change the date!

The ordering window opens on the 22th and ends on the 21st.

The October box will ship on 10/25 which means if you order between 9/22 and 10/21 you will receive the October box.

You can reset your renewal date at any time between the 1st and 20th.

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From our customers


Mogickal Folk Nail Divine Feminine. I love receiving my monthly box from Magickal Folk. The description of Baba Yaga was so vivid, I want to try to draw a picture of her. And I am not an artst. But I will try. I love the items that were enclosed in the box, so that when the time is right, I can perform a ritual to Baba Yaga and ask for her divine help. Thank you Magickal Folk.

Ann P.

I found this company from a YouTube channel and I am so happy I did. I love every box I get. The love and energy that goes into every box is phenomenal. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of every item in every box. So happy to be a customer

Marissa M.

This is really an awesome box!I loved all the items included for ritual use. And most importantly knowledge and insight to daughter of Demeter and also her role as Queen of the Underworld. Overall loved it!

Alicia K.
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