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Muse, for creative inspiration

Muse, for creative inspiration


$ 2.00

This kit contains 1 tumbled Sea Jasper stone with our Muse Magickal Spirit Oil in a 10 ml glass vial with steel rollerball applicator. Oil is made to order and can be order. 
Sea Jasper tunes to the current of happiness. Use Sea jasper ’s energy
to tune in to your creative flow by breathing in inspiration and exhaling
stress and worry.
The Muse uplifting and playful blend of essential oils includes clementine oranges, catnip, geraniums, and benzoin resin with sunflower carrier oil. 
The crystal alchemy honors the all-encompassing lifestyle of the witch. It holds the intention of the energies that surround us and dwell within us. The alchemy of energy created between yourself and these tools create a buzz of vibrations to see you through the day.  The Magickal Spirit Oil comes in a 10ml glass vial with steel roller ball applicator. We only use high-grade natural ingredients and will never include synthetic fragrances. Magickal Spirit Oils may contain moon charged tinctures, ritually crafted herbal oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, dried botanicals, wild-harvested flowers, shrubs, roots, barks, leaves, edible and non-edible herbs and sometimes may even contain crystals within the oil.  Magickal Spirit Oils can be used as a perfume, an anointing oil for the self, home and sacred tools such as candles and athames, burned over charcoal as incense, or even diluted a bit and adding into your daily ritual by adding to shampoos, lotions, baths oils and soaps. The crystals, minerals, and gemstones can be used in meditation and energy alignments, in charm bags or carried as talismans throughout the day.

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