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$ 7.00

Kit Includes: 

  • Approximately 1 oz Sodalite in a sachet
  • 1 Driftwood Natural Soy Tealight
  • 1 packet of Rosemary & Sandalwood Herbal Incense

In this meditation kit, we will set sail to Nereus, reaching our highest state of consciousness within the depths of our soul. In Greek mythology, Nereus is known as the Old Man of the Sea, a divinity who helps sailors in distress. He was believed, like other marine divinities, to have the power of prophesying the future. We will endeavor to reach a theta state of consciousness while incubating the intention of meeting the Sea God Nereus and his prophesy of what the future holds.

I paired sodalite, sandalwood and rosemary with the cosmic energy of Pisces to aid in an intuitive journey to release old thought patterns and harmonize with the future you desire. 

Sodalite stimulates the Pineal Gland and the Third Eye deepening meditation and stimulating spiritual perception. It is associated with emotional balance, intuition, psychic-abilities, spiritual-growth, and the Throat chakra. In meditation, sodalite will help to balance and ground you to release tension and reach enlightenment.

Sandalwood is associated with the moon and water element. It Stimulates clairvoyance and aids in seeing past lives. Rosemary is associated with the sun and fire element. Rosemary also aids in meditation and recall. The two botanicals together are tempered for balance. We poured this driftwood candle out of natural soy wax to calm and soothe the senses as you drift off into a deeper state of meditation.

For this meditation, you will want to reach or practice reaching the Alpha state of consciousness. In this state, one could easily go to sleep and forget they have a candle burning which is dangerous. Be sure to use caution with ignited substances while meditating. It is safer and wiser to burn the candle & incense to aid in a meditative contemplation before settling into a deep meditation.

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