Nettles Glycerite

Nettles Glycerite

Nettles Glycerite

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As a natural anti-inflammatory, nettle heals and detoxes the body while purifying and protecting the spirit. Ruled by Mars, nettle is used for warding, banishing, and reversing hexes. Nettle also keeps malevolent spirits at bay. Governed by fire, nettle boosts vitality, strength, and passion, revitalizing prana and empowering the soul.

Nettle is harvested in the spring. Preserving the healing components of nettle in a glycerine extract helps you benefit throughout the year. Nettle is a powerful protector and shield against negativity. Use it in cleansers or ritual washes to banish or ward negative energy.

Masculine in nature, nettles boost passion and lust. To amplify your sexual power and magick, you can add the extract to your ritual baths and lotions, with the added benefit of easing aches and pains.

Brew a cup of nettle tea to channel the vital energy of fire, cleansing your body and empowering your spirit.


**Listing includes a freshly bottled 2-ounce jar of nettles in organic, NON-GMO glycerine. Press under the next full moon.

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