Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Nyx, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

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At first glance, Goddess Nyx can be an uninviting goddess as Bringer of Terror and Darkness. After all, Nyx is well known for birthing deceit, treachery, torment, sorrow, death, and even violent death, into the world. In their darkest moments, some may contend that it would be better if Nyx’s creations were never born. Yet, what is light without darkness, trust without deceit, or fear without triumph? As Dark Mother, Nyx plays a Divine role in the delicate balance of being, having also bore breaking day, friendship, love, and cosmic order.

There is still no avoiding that Nyx does bring pain, grief, sorrow, and misery to the world. As a result, Priestesses of Nyx’s medicine can then shamelessly ask themselves, in the presence of The Deep and Silent Dark, how they have created their own suffering and breathed life into their own misery, leading to self-sabotage and defeat. There is no shame regarding this in the Goddess’ presence; She knows there is a necessity in all we create, no matter how veiled, whether borne of the shadows or light.

Whether we venture into the sorrowful depths of the Underworld, intentionally and courageously, or desperately and unknowingly drawn to her, Nyx will gift us with the truth. When we seek Nyx in our darkest hour, she awakens us to the sorrow we can create, the heartache we have endured, and the misery that awaits us along our journey. Once we find her, Nyx teaches us to accept and, when possible, embrace the universality, inevitability, and transformational nature of loss, old age, death, and worldly ugliness like war, disease, and hate.

Just like the night, suffering inevitably comes. Yet, Goddess Nyx guides her Priestesses to view this pain as a time of retreat, rest, reflection, timely endings, and future vision. When we go down into the treacherous depths of Tartarus, in the belly of the Underworld, we face our fear determinedly, devotedly, and courageously. Our reward? To encounter the Goddess Dressed in Stars, who is the night, yet offers spiritual illumination. By guiding her priestesses through the darkness, Nyx is a guiding light that empowers them to stop fearing it.

Goddess Nyx’s medicine is an elixir of self-mastery. She offers her priestesses the sometimes-bitter pill of truth, boosting immunity to self-sabotage and fear, so they too can be dressed in stars, lighting their own path to embodiment.


This box the product listed below plus an 18-page pdf grimoire with a petitioning ritual, banishing ritual, energy attunement, myth & lore, journal prompts & affirmations plus a full lunar cycle of rituals and prayer.

Oud & Vanilla Herbal Foot Scrub/Protection, Purification, Grounding, Skincare

An earthy blend of charcoal, dandelion, oud, vanilla, and our Empath Protection Ritual Oil, the Herbal Foot Scrub plants your feet on the ground after spells and rituals, particularly Night Magick, shadow work, death walking, and transcendent rituals like flying.

Massage into the feet to promote deep meditation or as a meditative ritual itself. Dark Goddesses into the shadows and the Herbal Foot Scrub can support the release of fear and emotional blockages.

As part of routine self-care, the foot scrub will leave your feet soft, soothed, and nourished while helping you relieve stress. Spot test before widespread use.


Nyx Candle/Moon, Water, Divination, Night Magick, Dreams

What better to invoke the Mother of Night than moonflower's ethereal essence and labradorite's mystical resonance?

Moonflowers blossom after dark, releasing their fresh, softly sweet floral aroma, honoring the night sky that Goddess Nyx paints with stars. Moonflower is suited for Night Magick, Lunar Magick, dream work, and prophetic vision.

Labradorite serves Goddess Nyx well as a purveyor of truth and Divine Oracle. With its fiery flash of labradorescence, labradorite can serve as a catalyst for change, growth, and transformation. The stone heightens consciousness, grounds the aura, and balances nerves.


Amber Incense Cones/Offering, Wisdom, Nyx, Great Mother, Consecration

Honor Goddess Nyx, a Primordial Being and Mother of all, with amber's ancient energy and wisdom. Purify, consecrate, and protect the ritual sanctity of your space or use the elemental energy of fossilized amber resin as part of an invocation, offering, or divination ritual.


Hibiscus Mint Tea/Venus, Nyx, Moon, Dreams, Prophecy

While this Hibiscus Mint Tea makes for a soothing, fragrant, transportive cuppa', it has a variety of magickal applications, particularly when infused with water charged by Mother Moon.

Make moon water with hibiscus and mint and drink it as a tea during moonlight rituals, or add the moon water, tea blend to baths or foot soaks to cleanse the aura, clear the mind, and communicate with Spirit. You can also add the dreamy blend to a sachet or sprinkle it under the pillow to petition Goddess Nyx and see what wisdom she carries to you through the Oneiroi.


Motherwort Tincture/Cooling, Water, Cleansing, Calming, Grounding

If tempests storm within or passion's fire begins to singe, add the Motherwort Tincture under the tongue, to tea, or moon water to refresh body, mind, and spirit. This cooling, calming blend of motherwort, kava kava, skullcap, and hawthorn clears with water, soothes with air, and releases with fire.

Add 1 tablespoon to 4 ounces of white vinegar to make a magickal wash for your altar, grounding crystals, or anoint doors, windowsills, and thresholds. Create a spa-like self-care ritual, add the tincture to a foot soak, and follow with the Herbal Foot Soak and a grounding balm or perfume oil.


Night Magick Floor Sweep/Nocturnal Magick, Lunar Magick, Protection, Purification

Made from sandalwood shavings and peppermint leaves, the Night Magick Floor Sweep not only cleanses and consecrates your space, it also fills it with Divine love, peace, and prosperity. Cast in the garden to set a magick boundary or sweep throughout the house for serenity and shielding.


Apache Tear with Rose & Blessed Thistle/Saturn, Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Grief, Peace

Wisdom often comes with a price. This Apache tear crystal is Reiki charged to facilitate grieving the loss of innocence due to childhood trauma. Quieting the thoughts and fears that occupy our minds during the shadow hours, Apache tea eases you into a peaceful sleep, covering you in the velvety blanket of night.

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