Persephone, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Persephone, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Persephone, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

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The Persephone box includes the items listed below plus an 18-page digital workbook that includes information on understanding the shadow path of Persephone, Myth & Lore, an initiation ritual, a more advanced ritual, a full month of lunar witchcraft, epithet petitions, hedge craft, divination, devotion, journal & affirmations, plus a bonus energy activation and guided meditation. 

Persephone's Return Candle - Capturing the highest spiritual vibrations and deepest Divine Feminine frequencies, this pomegranate, sandalwood scented 8-ounce soy candle consecrates and enriches your ritual space and energies. Enhancing communication and promoting emotional stability, this handcrafted candle heightens your ability to commune with Persephone from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. Burn it throughout your walk with the goddess, from the initiation ritual to your cumulative ceremony. As an offering, the candle symbolizes sacred reverence for Persephone’s defining moment when she ate the pomegranate seeds, cultivating her destiny as Queen of the Underworld. Keep out of reach of pets and children. Never leave candles unattended.

Persephone’s Return Powdered Face Mask - Persephone Returned Pomegranate & Hibiscus Face Mask is more than a nourishing beauty practice. It is a reminder that having a soft heart in a hard world is wisdom, not weakness. To use, mix in the handcrafted blend of hibiscus powder, rose Kaolin clay, and pomegranate powder with purified water and Pomegranate and Rosemary Serum. Dryer skin types may benefit from a higher ratio of serum to water. Create a thin paste and apply. Leave on until it dries, approximately 10 to 15 minutes. As part of a Glamour Magick ritual, the Face Mask symbolizes a return to a youthful yet wise spirit, fostering a sense of self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and inner beauty. Removing the mask represents a softening of the heart, revelation of the soul, and celebration of inner beauty. This mask is cooling, soothing, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It will deep clean your skin without leaving it stripped and irritated. Spot test before widespread use, for topical use only.

Persephone’s Return Pomegranate & Rosemary Face & Hair Serum - Persephone’s lore is a reminder that every woman is a queen if she is willing to accept sovereignty over her life. Crown yourself with this handcrafted face and hair serum made from pomegranate oil, evening primrose oil, rosemary, and mandarin essential oils, extracts, and herbs. Add the serum to the Hibiscus Face Mask Powder to create a hydrating face mask or a few drops to the hair for a nourishing, growth-promoting treatment, resulting in a tension-busting aromatherapy experience. Incorporate the serum with spells and rituals to heal your inner child and cultivate a fertile inner landscape flourishing with empowerment, self-love, and wisdom for them to frolic in. For topical use only. Not to be used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Patch test before use.

White Peony Tea -A little rarer, purer, and lighter than most brews, white tea has a purifying resonance physically and spiritually. Made from immature, unprocessed leaves, white tea mirrors Persephone’s grace, refinement, and distinctiveness - an honorable devotional offering. During a lunar ritual, add a few drops of Carmelite water to your tea, opening your mind and elevating your vibration so you can commune with the Great Goddess, exchanging energies and divining her messages. Before disposing of the tea leaves, you may wish to read them by pouring them onto the earth under the brilliance of the moon. White tea contains little caffeine and has anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory components, and has been shown to improve cardiovascular, oral, and dermatological health.

Narcissus Anointing Oil - Infused Avocado Oil & Homegrown Narcissus Flower & Leaf Notorious for its beauty, the narcissus flower so enchanted Persephone that it enabled Hades to draw her down into the depths of the Underworld. This .5 oz bottle of avocado oil infused with the essence of homegrown narcissus, flower, and leaf is the elixir of Spring Goddesses. Infuse your Ostara, fertility, rebirth, or inner child healing rituals with this anointing oil by applying to skin, tea light candles, or adding to your ritual bath and altar wash. Celebrate spring’s rebirth, or your personal renewal throughout the year, with a light heart and refreshed spirit. As a flower essence, narcissus has been used to treat depression and end vicious cycles of self-loathing and deprecation. Centering and soothing, narcissus’ energy helps ease issues of the solar plexus chakra such as frustration, apathy, and indigestion. For topical use only. Not to be used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Patch test before use.

Carmelite Water Herbal Tincture - Once simply known as aqua mirabilis, miracle water, Carmelite water was created in the mid-1300s by the nuns of the Carmelite Abbey of France for King Charles V of France. It soon became renowned as a healing tonic from body, mind, and spirit, bringing mirth to heart and mind, renewal and vitality to the body, and was said to “…driveth away …troublesome cares and thought….” This expertly crafted Carmelite water is made from lemon balm, angelica root, sage, mugwort, nutmeg, gentian root, coriander, cinnamon, lemon, clove, and life everlasting tinctured in vodka. Add 4-6 drops to tea for revitalizing boost of life force and vitality. Carmelite water clarifies mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic obstacles that stand in the way of release, healing, and growth, making it the ideal tincture for energy ignitions and rituals for banishing unserving habits and limiting beliefs. Not to be used by pregnant, breastfeeding, those with alcohol intolerance, or diabetics. May cause interactions with certain medications.

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