Raven & Crow

$ 20.00

1 crow oil, 1 raven oil, large free-form piece of Jet.

All too often, the raven and crow are used interchangeably in spiritual circles,
but they are in fact completely different. Each of the natural perfume rollers contains
essential oils that represent the energy of their medicine or call to their very
nature. Use them in meditation or divination to call for guidance.
A Jet Stone is a natural, organic, fossilized wood that has been long considered one
of the most powerful healing stones to help alleviate grief. Jet stones facilitate
the release of anger, fear, grief and feelings of depression, bringing them
to the surface, and forcing you to deal with them, so you can begin healing. They work similar to an energetic filter, which is why it is so helpful for
those experiencing an overabundance of negative energies and emotions.
Another jet stone meaning is that it is a powerful protective stone to ward off
negative energy. Use your jet stone to neutralize negative energies; just
holding it will help clear negative vibrations. When combined with Black
Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz, it creates a strong energetic combination for
psychic protection and purification. Because of its ability to draw off negative
energy, you can also use it to cleanse your other crystals and healing stones.

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