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Contents include once ounce ritual oil with 1 rough Black Rutile, and 1-2 tumbled Amazonite in a sachet. 

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

— John F. Kennedy

Resolute Crystal Alchemy kit is a purposeful journey of unwavering determination. Look at your life as a whole and ask yourself, what is the message of your life existence? Is it the message you wish to give the world during your time here?

The energies created by the Resolute kit support the raising of universal consciousness through compassionate acts and achievements. As the stone of truth and courage, Amazonite will help maintain equilibrium and momentum while Black Rutile amplifies energy and breaks all barriers in your path.

The Resolute Ritual Oil can be used to anoint tools, dress candles, burned over a charcoal disk or boost energy when casting spells. Add the oil to a ritual bath or wear as an intention perfume oil.

Resolute Ritual Oil contains:

Essential oil of cedar wood for its cleansing properties and ability to summon spirits should the need arise. Essential oil of thyme for its ability to help the seeker achieve the impossible. Essential oil of fennel for its physical and psychic protection abilities as well as its ability to counter magick should the need arise. Galangal root for its double ability to break spells and curses and draw in success in all matters. Calendula flowers work with all the other ingredients to increase the occurrence of prophetic dreams and intuitive messages. Sunflower oil as a carrier oil brings in solar energy and optimism in all endeavors.

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