Rhiannon, for inner strength

$ 43.00

The items included in this kit are as follows:

Book Rhiannon Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons

Statue of Rhiannon. To use as an altarpiece. You will find several altar suggestions throughout the book.

24-carat gold electroplated geode representing Rhiannon’s gift, should you ask.

Rhiannon Magickal Bag. An altarpiece to use as you feel called to do so.

The Leo Zodiac oil contains essential oils of Benzoin, Ginger, and Bergamot in a base oil of sunflower. This specially blended oil was created to align and strengthen the positive characteristic of Leos.

The Sun Planetary Incense is burned to connect with the suns energy. You can burn these herbals over charcoal or dress a candle. I recommend grinding the herbs in a pestle & mortar with a blessing before each use.

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