Riding The Hedge Meditation Kit

Riding The Hedge Meditation Kit

Riding The Hedge Meditation Kit

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This kit includes rough blue kyanite, black jasper, and wormwood herb with a grimoire card. Shipping & Workshop not included.

The kit is thoughtfully curated to connect you to the wisdom of Spirit, ancestors, and deities by heightening your psychic receptivity. You'll find protective and empowering elements that will nurture your courage and drive to realize your magickal goals and spiritual objectives.

About the Riding the Hedge Ritual Meditation Kit

Blue Kyanite is governed by the element of water, mimicking the element’s ability to cleanse and amplify. Blue Kyanite does not require cleansing and can be placed with other crystals to clear and heighten their energy. Expanding the third eye, Blue Kyanite is known to enhance intuition, psychic knowing, and divinatory guidance. It is has a profoundly spiritual vibration and can be used for dreamwork, spiritual journeys like astral projection, and shamanic rituals. Blue Kyanite also activates the throat chakra, fostering self-expression, communication, and channeling messages from Spirit and ancestors.  Blue Kyanite is associated with Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, inner truth, and knowing, and Freya, goddess of divination, a deity to call on when you seek greater alignment with your higher self. Fitting for Scorpio season, Blue Kyanite helps merge the ethereal with the physical, making the most of a season in which the veil is thin, and Spirit beckons.

Black Jasper is governed by the planet Mars and rules the base chakra. It is a stone of force, drive, strength, and determination. Black Jasper is empowering, helping boost productivity and your ability to manifest your will into the world. It is a stone of courage and bravery, ruled by the element of fire. It sets your passions aflame, helping you overcome mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. With its powerful grounding resonance, Black Jasper is a protective stone, not only warding negativity, hexes, and psychic attacks but also cleansing and transmuting them, helping to raise your vibration. By grounding your energy and strengthening your aura, Black Jasper enhances your receptivity to spiritual frequencies, messages, and entities. Black Jasper can be used to honor Bona Dea, the Roman goddess of the earth, womanhood and Mother of herbal healing, and the Great Mother, Gaia, the mother of creation and the great ancestral line.

Wormwood, governed by Mars, connects us to the qualities of the Divine Masculine. Its vibration is focused, brave, and inspires adventure. Ruled by the element of fire, wormwood is a protective, clarifying, and stimulating, spurning us forward in our spiritual explorations, rituals, and magick. A Hedge Witch’s best friend, wormwood, nurtures independence and inspiration. It is an excellent herb for spirit work. It can be burned or carried in a medicine bag to enhance intuition, psychic gifts, divinatory guidance, attract spirit, and channel spiritual communication. Wormwood can also be used as an offering to spirits and deities, such as Iris, goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods, to bless you with spiritual messages and wisdom. Wormwood is also known as Artemisia, and resonates with Artemis, a huntress and goddess of nature. Call on her to bless you with the strength and courage as she lights the way during Scorpio season.

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