Riding The Hedge Ritual Tea

Riding The Hedge Ritual Tea

Riding The Hedge Ritual Tea

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1 ounce loose herbal tea of Black Currant Black Tea with Dandelion Root in compostable packaging.

This ritual tea kit embodies the transformative, transient nature of air with the sensitive, cleansing energy of water. It can expand your third eye and your consciousness, heightening your receptivity to spiritual messages and ancestral wisdom. The kit is governed by planet Venus, illuminating your mind, transcending earthly bonds, fostering balance, harmony, and understanding. Go beyond this world and its physical constraints as you walk with Spirit and transform yourself inside and out.


About the Riding The Hedge Tea Ritual Kit

Dandelion, also knowns as Lion’s Tooth is associated with the Sun, and Leo zodiac as they relate to growth, prosperity, freedom, adventure, and the miraculous. The perfect herb for shamanic journeys.  Governed by the element of air, dandelion has a transformative power that is gentle yet powerful, helping you to explore gifts of shapeshifting as you take a walk with spirit. Often used in tea to help raise one’s vibration, or left out to attract spirits, Lion’s Tooth can amplify ancestral communications. Dandelion can also be placed in a pillow satchel to help manifest wishes, facilitate dreamwork and astral projection, leading to heightened awareness and openness to divinatory guidance.

Dandelion is associated with the fearless hero Theseus, Persephone, the goddess of fertility and harvest, and Hecate goddess of witchcraft and night, the original Triple Goddess, helping guide you through change and the sacred shamanic transition of walking into the spirit world.

Black Currant is said to foster love, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. Due to its divine vibration, black currant is said to boost bravery to overcome fear throughout all our trials. Known to help expand the third eye and higher consciousness, black currant tea, wine, and elixirs are used to heighten intuition, spiritual communication, and spiritual quests. Making it the perfect preparatory herb for the shamanic ritual of crossing into the spirit world, communing with ancestors, and transcending your earthly form. Black Currant has a feminine energy, is ruled by water, and governed by Venus. The blackberry is also used to enhance fertility, foster inspiration, spiritual growth, balance, harmony, and wisdom.

The bittersweet berry is used as an offering to honor or invoke deities of wine, abundance, and fruit or those associated with the Triple Goddess such as Brigid, the goddess of creativity, wisdom, and peace, and Hecate, Mother of Magick.



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