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Rune Protection Kit

Rune Protection Kit


$ 15.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

.3 oz Roll-On Thor Protection Anointing Oil, Pietersite, Tektite & Cedar Amulet & Grimoire Card. 

“Thewy Thor then overthrew the foe-
He seldom sits, when such he hears:
Were sworn oaths broken, and solemn vows,
God’s plighted troth, the pledges given”

The Prophecy of the Seeress, Voluspa, section 26
The Poetic Edda, translated by Lee M. Hollander
As was Thor, the defender of the cosmic order. Thor resides in Thrudheim of
the world tree. This is the ‘land of might”. He is the defender of the gods and
fights against the forces of chaos. His role as protector of the sacred order
extends beyond the patron of the Viking Warriors. He was also invoked at
marriages, births, planting of crops, carving of runes, swearing of oaths and
any other event for blessings and protection.
Thor Anointing Oil
Use in ritual, anoint self or objects when calling of the powers of Thor for
protection and strength.
The oil contains Cedarwood essential oil, Oakmoss absolute and Juniper
essential oils with grapeseed & olive oil as the carrier.
Runic Protection Amulet
This runic charm has been left blank for you to inscribe your own runic
protection symbol. It carries pietersite to capture and channel Thors storm
energy and Tektite for protection and to expand consciousness and a cedar
round for protection. Wrap this charm around a spell candle, wear as a
necklace or hang in the home.
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