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Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine
Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Sekhmet Ritual Box, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

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Fire Goddess Petitioning Candle in an 6-ounce dressed soy candle in a black metal tin with a lid. Value $18.00

blood orange, ginger, and spice-scented wax, dressed in obsidian, hematite, gold & red frankincense resin, biodegradable gold glitter, safflower & cinnamon!

Also known as the Goddess of Fire, Sekhmet teaches us how flames of indignation can burn down obstacles standing in the way of healing and transformation.

The Sekhmet candle has been specially crafted for honoring, petitioning, and cultivating the medicine of Sekhmet. Burn the Fire Goddess candle during the initiation and bowl ritual, particularly the final stage.

Consecrate your ritual area and aura, creating space for your ferocity to flow like lava, red hot, and unyielding. Connect to your repressed power on the path of spiritual awakening, soulful integration, and divine enlightenment.

Solace Linament Mist in a 1-ounce glass bottle. Value $16.00

Organic witch hazel extract infused with menthol crystals, st johns wort, turmeric, cats claw bark, frankincense, magnesium, green tea extract, cayenne, ginger, and willow bark. 

Solace Liniment Mist's name speaks for itself, creating a safe space for the full expression of who you are and how you feel. Emboldened with the elemental energy of fire, it is a powerful ally that elevates and merges shadow and light.

Pre-ritual preparation or closing, grounding practice, Solace Liniment Mist brings anger and pain to the surface to be voiced, honored, and released. Mirroring Goddess Sekhmet's journey from vengeful destroyer to gracious healer, Solace Mist clears and transmutes rage and sorrow into acceptance, healing, and peace.

Handcrafted from menthol crystals, St. John's Wort, turmeric, cat's claw, frankincense, magnesium, green tea extract, cayenne, ginger, willow bark, and organic witch-hazel extract, Solace Liniment Mist offers a reprieve from achy muscles and joints, migraine, and symptoms inflammatory diseases and skin conditions. Beating the winter blues and combating cabin fever, Solace Liniment Mist also lifts depressed mood and soothes anxious energy. This liniment should not be applied to the face or broken skin and should be spot tested before widespread use.

Lioness Ritual Oil in a .5-ounce glass bottle. Value $7.00 Edit to add: We were shorted .5 bottle caps so some boxes will have a free full 1-ounce ritual oil upgrade until the new caps arrive!

Organic olive and fractionated coconut MCT oil infused with cats claw, lapis lazuli, styrax, patchouli sandalwood, musk, Egyptian myrrh, labdanum, frankincense, red gardenia, rose, rose thorn, and safflower. 

Goddess of Vengeance, Great Healer, the expression of Sekhmet’s ire tool the Lioness on a healing journey of enlightenment.

Being careful to spot test before bodily application and avoiding prolonged sun exposure, you can use the Lioness Anointing oil to consecrate, protect, and empower the body, aura, and altar tools like ritual bowls when communing with Sekhmet.

Fueling passion’s fire, this blend inspires courage, conviction, and primal force. Yet, as Sekhmet’s fury was transmuted into grace, the Lioness blend also promotes the comforting release of repressed emotions on the path to enlightenment.

Fire Goddess Ritual Tea. Value $3.00

Passion Fruit Chai! Organic China Blank F.O.P. Tea, Organic Assam T.G.F.O.P. Tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom seed, organic cloves, organic ginger root, organic black pepper, safflower, and organic passionfruit flavor.

Awaken your inner Fire Goddess and unleash her passions! This tea rouses the emotions and primal forces that lay dormant within your psyche while it cleanses, comforts, and protects. It is the perfect alchemical companion along the path of soul integration.

Made from all organic cinnamon, cardamom seed, cloves, ginger root, black pepper, and a blend of premium orange pekoe teas that include Flowery Orange Pekoe with whole long leaves, and Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, with a larger number of tips, making it excellent for tea reading rituals.

Brew a cup before Sekhmet’s bowl ritual for the strength and courage to face your anger and indignation. Fire Goddess tea also helps charge life force, intensifying your magick, and is particularly effective for Sex, Prosperity, Solar, and Protection Magick.

Invite warmth into your dark winter nights! Fire Goddess tea boosts immunity, fights cold and flu, eases pain, and reduces the risk of chronic disease and illness, such as heart disease and diabetes. Due to caffeine levels, pregnant and breastfeeding women should minimize or avoid use.

Cats Claw Bark. Value $2.00

Cat’s claw bark is symbolic of Sekhmet’s lioness form. Available in woody chunks ideal for burning for protection, to promote psychic visions, lucid dreams, and enhance shamanic journeys.

Cat’s claw crushed and steeped to treat and ease the symptoms of chronic disease, particularly of the digestive system. It should be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with autoimmune and Parkinson’s disease.

Black Cumin Seed (Nigella). Value $2.00

Black cumin seed promotes connection and fidelity, the perfect offering to symbolize your commitment to Sekhmet’s medicine.  

Ground and steeped in boiling water as a medicinal tea, cumin boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. While safe in moderate amounts, when consumed in copious amounts, cumin can interact with medications.

Burned with frankincense, black seed protects the sanctity of your rituals, filling your space with peace and love.

Red Frankincense Resin Incense. Value $2.00

Charcoal and frankincense have held medicinal and magickal significance since the Ancient Egyptian era. When using the charcoal disk to warm the red frankincense resin, you create your own temple of purification, veneration, and healing where you can invoke visions and petition divinities.


Plus a small blue post-it notepad for fun!


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The Sekhmet box was available for pre-order under the Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine monthly subscription box from 10/20-11/20 for $33 + $10 shipping. 

we plan to keep these rituals in stock throughout the year and will be restocked and packed to order. 

A shipping fee of $10 is included in the post reveal $50 price tag.

Ordering this box today will not enroll you in the monthly subscription as the pre-order offer is no longer available. 

All Sekhmet Boxes will ship beginning 11/26/2021. New orders will ship within 2 days of ordering. 

This ritual box cannot be combined with other items as it is gift-wrapped in a printed box.  

You can find all related digital content, rituals, and information in our blog. An e-workbook will be available only to those who receive the box. 

Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or have trouble checking out! 


Understanding the Shadow Path of Sekhmet

Over time and across patriarchal societies, women have been vilified, revered, shamed, and cherished all due to their Divine Femininity. When we are maidenly, motherly, nurturing, comforting, docile, healers and helpers, we live up to what it means to be “good girls” and “virtuous women.” Yet, when we are seductive, sexual, passionate, dynamic, confident, and powerful, we no longer suit that narrative, we become threatening, and society seeks to silence our cries and dim our fires. When Sekhmet calls to us, it is an invitation out of the shadows, the silence, and the shame!

Sekhmet is most well known for being called forth by Ra as an ancient goddess, or some say created by Ra as his daughter, when humankind tried to overthrow divine sovereignty, filling the world with immorality and malevolence. Sekhmet was charged with re-establishing justice and order, and to do so, the Warrior Goddess reached deep within her depths, unearthing her unbridled rage, unleashed it onto the world, and let it flow like the blood that ran through the fields and fed her insatiable blood lust.

Out of righteous indignation at the lawlessness and in the name of what was right, Sekhmet raged. As priestesses of her medicine, we too must know when and how to delve deep within our depths and bring our long-repressed rage to a boil, whether it is to reclaim authority over our lives, give testament to the injustice we witness, or to purely breathe life into parts of ourselves that have been socially suppressed or emotionally repressed due to our own fear and shame.

Priestesses of Sekhmet soon come to know the release and bliss the goddess experienced when she was drunk on blood and beer, her fury spent, and her power fully realized. To ease Sekhmet’s fury, Ra not only supplied beer infused with pacifying herbs, but he also reminded her of her true nature. Ra mollified Sekhmet by calling her peaceful one and gracious one. This was when she was reborn as a healer, protector, and goddess of love.

According to some, this is also when Sekhmet was reborn as Hathor, Queen of Heaven. In either instance, the wisdom of this myth is that until our pain, grief, rage, and fury are fully expressed, we cannot fully embody love, grace, and compassion. Until our shadows are uncovered, the love serves as just another obstacle between us and our shadows. It is not a poultice for our pain; it is a band-aid masking the pain beneath it.

Truly, what can someone who never had to bear life’s tribulations or witness its injustices and inequalities do for those who have? By facing her fury, tasting the bitterness of mankind, and realizing that not even a mighty goddess like herself could cleanse the earth of its ugliness in totality, Sekhmet was able to exemplify the compassion, kindness, and nurturing needed to bring medicine to those the world has wounded.

Beautiful Light, The Empowerer, Great Healer, Beloved Sekhmet, these epithets were not bestowed upon her for being a “good girl” and a “virtuous woman.” Sekhmet’s beauty, magnificence, and mercifulness resulted from unleashing the darkness, making way for, and ultimately becoming one with the light.

Sekhmet’s shadow path begins with awakening to the inner primal roar, donning the solar crown of brilliance, and reigniting the flames of passion. The Lioness teaches us to embrace her ferocity and that of the Divine Feminine herself, without apology or shame. The medicine of The Great Healer teaches us how to use our voice to call out the injustices, share our spiritual illumination to bring light to the world, and become impassioned helpers, healers, and change-makers.



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Mogickal Folk Nail Divine Feminine. I love receiving my monthly box from Magickal Folk. The description of Baba Yaga was so vivid, I want to try to draw a picture of her. And I am not an artst. But I will try. I love the items that were enclosed in the box, so that when the time is right, I can perform a ritual to Baba Yaga and ask for her divine help. Thank you Magickal Folk.

Ann P.

I found this company from a YouTube channel and I am so happy I did. I love every box I get. The love and energy that goes into every box is phenomenal. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of every item in every box. So happy to be a customer

Marissa M.

This is really an awesome box!I loved all the items included for ritual use. And most importantly knowledge and insight to daughter of Demeter and also her role as Queen of the Underworld. Overall loved it!

Alicia K.
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