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Selene, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

Selene, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

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Lulled into an eternal sleep, Endymion slept for eternity. So enamored Goddess Selene was with Endymion that she alighted from her chariot every night to hold her slumbering lover in her arms. It sounds so blissful and fantastical, but is it?

Many of us have lived that very tale and may still be living it. The loved one we lost too soon, unable to grieve, we return to memories of that fateful day cyclically, reimagining how things could have been different. The ex we refuse to let go of, revisiting old memories time and again, projecting ourselves into a future of “what ifs.”

Just like Goddess Selene, we can all get lost in a world of illusions, envisioning what could have been or what could be, refusing to accept what is. By walking Selene’s shadow path, her priestesses witness the futility of choosing to live a comfortable lie over a painful truth.

As the Moon, Goddess Selene is ever evolving. Yet, in her shadow aspect, is she not repeating the same cycle for an eternity of cycles? Drawing down each night to lay with a lover that will never gaze back into her eyes. Selene reveals to her priestesses the depth of unfulfillment that results from journeying through the same dreamscape unendingly.

When we are unable to let go, we can get trapped in a singular experience, emotional state, and existence, unable to welcome new energies, heal, grow, or evolve. Wrapped in the tightening embrace of what we once loved but can no longer escape.

Ultimately, Goddess Phoebe illuminates how an inability to let go prolongs our grief and pain. Instead, just like the tide, we must plunge into our emotional depths, let them flow, and then release them to become a mere wave in the ocean of our existence.


Ritual Tools included: 

17 Page Workbook

Selene Candle

Lunar, Peace, Protection, Blessings, Ritual

Light up your inner world as the Moon illuminates the world. This candle is a handcrafted blend of lavender, vanilla, and musk, making it equal parts peace, pleasure, balance, and beginnings. The scent of this aromatic candle will take you on a journey on Selene's luminescent chariot.

Combine with the Selene Body Wash & Lotion or alone as part of a ritual to arouse your senses, grounding yourself deeply. This candle can also create a peaceful, pure, and receptive space to Invoke Luna or serve as an honorable, intimate offering to the Moon.

Soothe your frazzled nerves, relax muscles, and ease tension when you light this candle as part of your winding down routine before bed or nightly observance. Do not leave the candle burning unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Selene Lotion & Hand & Body Wash Set 'Sweet Lemon Tart'

Cleansing, Manifesting, Luminescence, Growth, Grounding

One of Selene's greatest healing tools is cyclic detachment, fostering waves of healing like the tides she governs. Regular check-ins with body, mind, heart, and soul can illuminate our inner expanse. The Selene Lotion & Hand & Body Wash Set has been expertly and magickly crafted to arouse the bodily senses, cleanse psychic vision, open the heart, and cultivate growth.

As part of a Lunar ritual, you can acknowledge and reflect on all that needs to be released from the past, consciously ground yourself in the present, and manifest new cycles of growth.

Infused with lemon essential oil and marshmallow root extract, this blend is psychically expansive and uplifting while receptive and stabilizing, just like the Lunar energy it channels

Use the wash to cleanse your hands or body, soak in the lemony fresh suds, rinse, air dry to permeate your subtle body with the magick and medicine, and massage the lotion into your skin mindfully, setting intentions for manifesting your desires.

The skin healing blend of lemon oil and marshmallow root cleanses deeply without stripping the skin, leaving it nourished and soothed.


Selene Tea

Air, Moon, Digestion, Wisdom, Purity

From New Moon to the Dark Moon, Selene, derived from the Greek word for light, σέλας, shares the illumination of wisdom and discernment. What stagnation or negativity in your life could obscure the brilliance of her medicine? By the power of earth for balance, water for cleansing, and air for clarity, this all-natural tea cleanses all that may stand between you and the Moon's brilliance.

Brew this blend of nettle, lemon, lemon verbena, chamomile, and sage by adding 200 ml of boiled water to 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of tea for 4 to 5 minutes,

As part of a ritual, you can purify your consciousness, emotions, and spirit to open yourself for a flood of truth during a journaling practice or an ebb of healing when communing with the Goddess of Ocean Dew, who mists the renewing energy of the ocean mist in her wake. What renewal do you seek?

Helping to ease digestion, anxiety, menstrual pain, and insomnia, this tea is just as healing for the body as the spirit. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, the detoxifying components can help prevent chronic disease. This tea should be avoided by women who are pregnant and may interact with some medications such as sedatives

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Selene, Shadow Path of the Divine Feminine

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Mogickal Folk Nail Divine Feminine. I love receiving my monthly box from Magickal Folk. The description of Baba Yaga was so vivid, I want to try to draw a picture of her. And I am not an artst. But I will try. I love the items that were enclosed in the box, so that when the time is right, I can perform a ritual to Baba Yaga and ask for her divine help. Thank you Magickal Folk.

Ann P.

I found this company from a YouTube channel and I am so happy I did. I love every box I get. The love and energy that goes into every box is phenomenal. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of every item in every box. So happy to be a customer

Marissa M.

This is really an awesome box!I loved all the items included for ritual use. And most importantly knowledge and insight to daughter of Demeter and also her role as Queen of the Underworld. Overall loved it!

Alicia K.
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