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Triskelion Ritual Bath Salts

Triskelion Ritual Bath Salts


$ 3.50

The Celtic Triskelion is an ancient a symbol representing personal growth and spiritual expansion. Its three legs or spirals appear as if it is in constant forward motion. The Triskelion triad of forward moving parts depicts the journey towards understanding the concepts of the triple moon, mind-body-spirit, father-son-holy ghost, mother-father-child, past-present-future, creator-destroyer-sustainer and life-death-rebirth. It is also said the three moving parts represent the three Celtic worlds; the otherworld, the mortal world and the celestial world. The Triskelion Ritual Bath Salts contain: Dead sea minerals& sea salt for purification and cleansing. Bark of the willow to aid in and support the connection we have to the worlds, our intuition and spirit guides. Lemon Balm herb to soothe emotion pains so we can focus on brighter possibilities. Chamomile to raise our vibrations up to a state of bliss. Jasmine essential oil to connect with the divine.


Includes: 3.5 oz pouch of Triskelion Salts

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