Will vs. Fate, and the bonds of sisterhood.

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Within this kit includes:

  • Sagittarius Zodiac Oil
  • Jupiter Planetary Incense
  • Cleanse Aura Mist
  • Condor Natural Incense Sticks
  • 8" x 11" Palmistry Wall Chart
  • 2 Beeswax Spell Candles
  • Feminae Tea

The Cleanse Aura Mist is an energy cleanser. Mist the aura whenever you need a break, your energy feels stuck, or you feel as though you are absorbing or projecting too much energy. This blend takes about 2 months to make. I want to share this recipe, so you can recreate it. It is seriously the best energy medicine I can put together. Use organic ingredients when possible. This batch included organic rose hydrosol, organic holy basil Krishna, organic witch hazel extract, organic vodka, organic rosemary, organic rose hips. The only ingredients not organic were the orange blossom hydrosol, Palo Santo wood and Boswellia Seratta tree resin. Where and how the products are sourced are a very important part of the energy.

Place all the raw botanicals in a sealable 8-ounce jar. Blanch the botanicals by pouring a ¼ cup of boiling water over the botanicals and closing the lid. Gently roll the jar around so the hot water reaches all the botanicals and releases their oils. After a few minutes, add the organic vodka, leaving out 1” from the top of the jar. Fasten an airtight lid and store in a dark cupboard 8 weeks, turn daily. Strain botanicals, gently squeezing excess liquids using a chinois or cheesecloth. Discard left over botanicals in the yard waste bin. In a quartz sized mason jar, add 8 ounces rose hydrosol, 8 ounces orange blossom hydrosol, 8 ounces witch-hazel extract (key word extract!) and 6 ounces of the botanical tincture. Use within 6 months and store in dark, cool places. Refrigeration is not required.


While I was doing everything the long loved (hard way) I went ahead and made a completely natural incense on a stick for a bird’s eye view on life from our dear friend, the condor. The condor incense is literally 100% natural. I created the scent using a botanical tincture (just like the energy cleanser) but with sweetgrass, organic cornflowers, violet herb, organic lemongrass, gravel root and organic queen of the meadow. The stick itself is hand rolled with activated charcoal.

Condors get the whole picture. They can help us put the puzzle pieces together and understand how to navigate our will. You can call on the condor anytime you are confused about anything, especially if you find yourself alone in the darkness and see no hope and no way out.


The beeswax candles are part of a reckoning spell. Completely natural and unscented, beeswax candles absorb the most energy from its surroundings more than any other kind of candle. One candle represents fate, the other - your will. It is time to awaken to what is, and what is not. Hold the tips together at the wick and gently twist them together until they have formed a single candle, burn together. Read the melted wax.


Within the repertoire of magickal teas, no list is complete without a magickal tea dedicated to the bonds of sisterhood, empowerment,

honoring our moon cycles and expanding our relevant perspectives on feminism. Feminae is a social tea, meant to be consumed over meaningful conversations when we are most sensitive (during our moon cycles). Feminae is a tea of the Morrigan and can be consumed in rituals relation to the triple moon archetypes and deities, conjuring strength and confidence, group healing rituals and goddess gatherings to celebrate and honor our cycles in life.



Cosmic Energy


Planetary Incense work the same way as zodiac oils as in they enhance specific energies that are presently aligned with universe. These herbal oils and incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.


Sagittarius rules the 9th house of philosophy. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and the element of earth. Throughout the duration of our time in the 9th House, we search for meaning and grasp everything that is available to us. Matters involving our worth and soul purpose becomes front and center. 


The Sagittarius oil contains star flower herb, gardenia, clary sage and juniper essential oils, starflower carrier oil, sunflower carrier oil.

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