Winter Glow, Crystal & Oil Kit

$ 14.00


This listing is for 1/3 oz Roll-Oil Magickal Spirit Oil, 1 Mangano Calcite stone & 2 Orange Calcite Stones


Winter Glow is a heart centered energy of connectedness. Its magick contributes to the manifestation of more wellness on Planet Earth. Its message is to glow, convey love to family, friends and to the planet.

Mangano Calcite

This is a soft stone of forgiveness that brings unconditional love. It is used to release fear and grief from the past that is trapping you. It assists in developing self-worth and self-acceptance. It lifts tension and anxiety and helps to prevent nightmares.

Orange Calcite

This is an energizing stone that helps one overcome depression and fears by balancing emotions. Orange calcite is a highly energizing stone that brings joy, friendships, pleasure and family togetherness.

Winter Glow Magickal Spirit Oil

This oil is simply meant to wear as a perfume. Attune to its energies and spread them to the ones you love.



Mandarin gently awakens the spirit. It brings vigor and sprightliness. It helps us to connect to like-minded souls and brings out the innocence of our inner child. Mandarin works to help one reconnect with the angelic keepers of our childhood, bringing back briefly the innocence of childhood prayers.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil brings happiness to the heart, regeneration of the spirit, and vitality to the soul. It conquers fears and obsessions.

Frankincense operates in the auric field and adapts to one’s spiritual state of being. It serves as a protector, and will not let one go where they are not ready to go. Frankincense Essential Oil holds some of the wisdom of ages and of the universe. It will remove all of the malevolent energies attached to a person, allowing one to open to enlightenment and inspire one to connect with an elevating spiritual self.

Vanilla promotes a happy and healthy environment, attracts good fortune and enhances mental stimulation.

Cinnamon Essential Oil encourages energy and strength. It helps us find the inner love that is so often difficult to find. Cinnamon Essential Oil transforms sadness into happiness. It helps bring the realization that love was and is always there.

Wintergreen can penetrate deep within the body it can increase the vibration of the body and enhancing sound on all levels. This increase in vibration opens spiritual awareness and leads to introspection of divine and self-love. This will be helpful to those who are very left brained (logical), and need to expand further into their intuitive side (right brain).



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