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1 oz Witchcraft oil & 1 Peacock Ore in a sachet with grimoire card. 

If it were possible to describe the essence of a witch using one crystal, I would have to pick peacock ore. It radiates a rainbow of energy and feels like the morning sun on a cloudy day. Peacock Ore not only grounds and stabilizes, it recognizes and respects the darkness within us. But more importantly, it works to combat the harmful effects of dwelling there by offering alternative perspectives in its rainbow of colors and opportunities. Its super power is the ability to detect, draw and direct energy. Placed accordingly along the body and peacock ore becomes the healer by effectively clearing blockages and improving energy flow.
As witches, this is what we do. We detect, draw and direct energy into a way we
intend. Our craft is an elaborate manipulation and manifestation of energy towards our desired goal. Peacock ore is a mineral representation of exactly that. As we know, we are not black or white witches, we are black, white and every color in between witches! If ever in doubt of your magick or manifesting, draw on peacock ore as an ally.
The witchcraft oil is a heated, slow brewed blend of jojoba, olive oil and sunflower
oil infused with dragonsblood resin, honeysuckle flowers, and Vervain herb. This oil is a super charged enchanting oil that magnifies any intention and is recommended to be used as a base oil in all spell oils or by itself for banishing, healing and enchantment. The oil is not scented with essential oils so it can remain versatile.

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