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Witches Trunk Show

Witches Trunk Show


$ 20.00

Limited edition: ONLY SOME LEFT

A witches trunk is a treasure trove of magick. The picture listed is a sample of the item variety that will go in the sachet but it is not limited to that.

I'll seek out gorgeous witchy aesthetics from gem & mineral trade shows (wholesale pricing folks don't worry!), boutique shops that offer candles, jewelry, herbal products, oracle decks, spell components, malas, bells, chimes, incenses, and anything else that's beautiful and catches my vibe. I will even add in my own hand poured candles, jewelry, malas, and herbal products from time to time!

Unlike my other curated kits, this one will not have any instructions! Its pure aesthetics and meant to be a feel good treasure trunk addition because we deserve to spoil ourselves sometimes! 

The biggest juju of this kit is there is no commitment, no spiritual need and no work involved- just love and sparkly things!

We will get them cleansed & packed with care then ship them out upon ordering. I have set up a reoccurring subscription option  These subscriptions will renew on the 20th of every month and ship within the following 5 days of renewal.

Go HERE to subscribe to a monthly rebilling in USA

Go HERE to subscribe to a monthly rebilling outside the USA

Since there is literally no prep or ritual planning the pack process will go really fast! So, after July 25th, we will be able to get the non-subscription orders shipped out within 2 days tops!

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