Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends

Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends
Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends
Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends
Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends
Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends

Witches Vinegar, Herbal Blends

Intention Blend
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Our herbal vinegar packets come with a recipe card, reusable tea bag, and blank apothecary label. 

Light Shield - Small herbal packet of dried Rose & Lemon Peel. Just add distilled White Vinegar.

This handcrafted blend will shield against negativity, malevolent spells, and evil by combining the cleansing energy of water with the protective energy vinegar. Invoke the protection of the Great Mother with the inclusion of rose, surrounding you in comfort, peace, and protection as it blocks the evil eye and malintent. The addition of lemon cleanses the aura. It also clears negative energy and amplifies positive, warding anything that would lower your vibration and keep you uplifted. 

New Beginnings - Small herbal packet of dried Mint & Lemon Peel. Just add Red Wine Vinegar.

Bringing the powers of air, water, and earth together, this handcrafted blend opens doors and attracts abundance through them! Lemon purifies stagnant energy and blockages. Attracting happiness and clearing worry, lemon keeps you uplifted. Mint blesses your new beginnings while attracting love, luck, and money while strengthening your resolve. Red wine vinegar combines the energy of earth and fire, grounding and boosting vitality as it enables you to manifest success, money, love, and ultimately happiness. 

Ancestral Altar - Small herbal packet of dried lavender, snake sheds, and marigold. Just add a blend of Distilled White Vinegar & Balsamic Vinegar.

The blend of balsamic and white vinegar merges water and fire, masculine and feminine, consecrating and cleansing your altar while amplifying spiritual energies. Lavender is a divine offering and will bring peace and protection to your altars and rituals. A symbol of rebirth, snake sheds are another sacred offering. They also enhance travel to other realms and spiritual transformation. Marigold heightens receptivity to spiritual communication and wards evil, protecting you while you commune with your ancestors. 

Blessings - Small herbal packet of dried bay leaves, basil, sage, and rose. Just add one tablespoon of honey and raw kombucha and allow to turn to vinegar. 

Robust with fiery energy, this packet heals, attracts, and protects. Jun kombucha vinegar and basil, ruled by Mars, banish negativity while boosting vitality. They attract love and money as they intensify your magic. Charged by the sun, rosemary and bay leaf purify and banish, maintaining a high vibration and manifesting material blessings and spiritual virtues. Sage and rose, governed by air and water, soften the fiery notes with peaceful energy, fostering wisdom, intuition, and amplifying love. 

Summer Altar -  Small herbal packet of calendula, orange peel, cinnamon, safflower, and fennel seed. Just add Red Wine Vinegar.


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