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Witches Wine, Ritual Tea for Pleasure and Presence.

Witches Wine, Ritual Tea for Pleasure and Presence.

$ 5.00

Presence. Fulfillment. Joy. Take time to enjoy yourself and the company of others.
Witches Wine is simply an herbal tea for pleasure. The ingredients included work well with all magickal workings of the goddess, women and children, love and romance, self-love, aspecting, pathworking, festivals, celebrations, and unions.

Magickal Teas are prepared as a loose tea leaf and stored in 1-ounce resealable zipper pouch. 

You can also order 4 packages when available. All products are blended and made to order. Please inquire for custom quantities or blends. 



pai mu dan tea, blue mallow blossoms, rose petals, hibiscus petals, elderberries, apple pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, blackberries, raspberries, strawberry pieces, flavoring

Steep 1 tsp in 6 oz water for 4-6 minutes covered or charge under the
sun until fully steeped and serve over ice with fresh fruit!

From our Grimoire to yours

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