Zodiac Ritual Oils

Zodiac Ritual Oils

Zodiac Ritual Oils

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Zodiac oils come in a 1 oz green glass bottle with a black screw-on cap and are safe to apply to skin. No synthetic fragrance is used whatsoever. 

Zodiac oils enhance the natural energy we channel for ritual and spellwork. These herbal incenses help magnify and focus on key elements for growth and manifestation.

Burn over charcoal, dress a candle, anoint altar tools, and/or incorporate in a ritual bath are some of the many things you can do with zodiac oils. 

All oils are slow-brewed herbal infused oils for ritual & spell work finished with a light blend of essential oil. 

Our base recipe list below includes our standard set of ingredients that we like to use year after year.

We reserve the space to change these ingredients based on availability, seasonal energy, intuition, or other cosmic relevance for the season in which we make the batch. Please email us if you have allergies or other health concerns before ordering. ***We can add, but not take-away from our oil as we make them in small batches on specific dates throughout the year. 

Base Ingredients: 

Aries: Rosemary essential oil, vanilla absolute, dried nettle, dried rosemary, cinnamon chips. 

Taurus: Ylang-ylang, eucalyptus and bergamot essential oils, dried rose petals, and rosehips, MF standard base carrier oil, Apricot oil.

Gemini: May Chang and peppermint essential oils, dried lemongrass and lavender, Lemuria seed quartz, MF standard base carrier oil.

Cancer: Sandalwood, rosemary, gardenia, ylang-ylang and, davana essential oils, dried motherwort, MF standard base carrier oil, sweet almond oil.  

Leo: Benzoin, Ginger, and Bergamot essential oils, saffron flowers, hawthorn berries, calendula petals, MF standard base carrier oil.

Virgo: Patchouli, cypress, key lime essential oils, oakmoss absolute, sandalwood chips, and patchouli leaves.  

Libra: Myrrh, gardenia, frankincense, and spruce essential oils with dried seedless rosehips and catnip, MF standard base carrier oil.

Scorpio: Tarragon and vanilla essential oil, dried saw palmetto berries, licorice root, and wormwood, MF standard base carrier oil, olive oil.

Sagittarius: Gardenia, clary sage, and juniper essential oils with dried starflower herb, MF standard base carrier oil, and borage seed carrier oil.

Capricorn: Cinnamon and wintergreen essential oils, dried comfrey and thyme herb, MF standard base carrier oil, olive oil.

Aquarius: Benzoin, patchouli, palo santo and chamomile essential oils, dried blue cornflowers, Boswellia serrata resin, MF standard base carrier oil.

Pisces: Ylang-ylang, myrrh, blue cypress, and helichrysum essential oils, dried Damania herb, sandalwood shreds, MF standard base carrier oil, Jojoba oil.





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